Linguistic Profile

Positions in the Public Service of Canada are either designated as bilingual (requiring skills in both French and English) or unilingual.

Bilingual positions are linked to linguistic profiles which are composed of three letters, each representing a different skill:

  • First letter = Reading comprehension
  • Second letter = Written expression
  • Third letter = Oral interaction

Each letter also represents a language proficiency level:

  • A = beginner
  • B = intermediate
  • C = advanced

These three letters make up your linguistic profile. For example, a CBC profile indicates the following:

  • C = advanced level in Reading comprehension
  • B = intermediate level in Written expression
  • C = advanced level in Oral interaction

Bilingual positions require a second language evaluation administered by the Public Service Commission of Canada.

Unilingual positions however are identified as either "French essential" or "English essential" and do not require a second language evaluation.

Source: Government of Canada
For more information on the bilingual positions in the public service, visit the Government of Canada Website.

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