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Our diverse team of leaders in adult learning allows us to offer the right fit for you. From adult education specialists, to experienced teachers, established artists, life coaches and entrepreneurs, we all work together to offer you a dynamic training experience.

Meet some of our team members:

Photo of Andrée Rainville

Andrée Rainville completed her B.A. in Theatre and her concentration in French Literature at the University of Ottawa. She has been teaching French as a second language for public servants since 2015. In her other life, she is an actress and circus artist in the Outaouais region. Andrée is also a coach at the Ottawa Circus School, an aerial artist, costume designer, singer and stilt walker for various festivals across the country. Her commitment and passion for her language and culture are transmitted in her French training, where she adopts a communicative and dynamic approach with her adult learners. Whether on stage or in the classroom, Andrée is 100% committed. Follow her on Facebook! Photo credit: Ernest Sarino Mandap.

Photo of Célestin Ngisulu

Célestin Ngisulu is a teacher by profession with years of experience. He has been teaching French as a second language in Canada since 2005. He acquired expertise in preparing for the Public Service Commission (PSC) tests after training in quality assurance, levels B and C, at the Canada School of Public Service. Célestin specialized in Andragogy by completing a Master of Education degree with an essay entitled "Elaboration d'un programme de formation en français langue seconde destiné aux fonctionnaires du gouvernement en vue de maintenir leur motivation tout au long de leur apprentissage" (available on the Internet). He has also worked many years as a translator and interpreter.

Photo of Emeline Guillaumie

Emeline Guillaumie has been working in the Montreal area as a coach, instructor, trainer in business French and in French as a second language in the corporate sector for more than 6 years now. She enjoys working alongside professionals and business people where she fully understands their language training needs and expectations. "Whether it is to prepare you for a language test, for work or for personal needs; whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, I strive to offer tailor-made training and support that will give you confidence and competence. Looking forward to working with you!“

Photo of Geneviève Laramée

Geneviève Laramée completed her B. Ed. in teaching at the University of Quebec in 2002. After five years of teaching at the secondary level, she decides to devote herself to her business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant where she is helping other businesswomen start their own business. In 2017, she discovers her vocation for teaching French to adults, a field in which she is continually specializing herself. She is also part of the founding team at LLT where she pursues her passion for language training. "The quality of French has always been a fundamental value for me. I grew up in an environment where it was very important and I had excellent teachers. My philosophy? It is much more enjoyable to learn in a relaxed environment where pleasure has its place.”

Photo of Gervais Désiré Yamb

Gervais Désiré Yamb, PhD, is a professor and researcher at the University of Ottawa. He studied philosophy, social sciences (political sociology, anthropology and economics), educational sciences, theology and conflict studies in Africa, Europe and Canada. Since 2011, he has been teaching philosophy, social sciences (sociology and anthropology) and international relations in the Department of Philosophy and at the École supérieure d'affaires publiques et internationales (ÉSAPI). For several years, he has also taught French as a second language to federal government employees. He is the author of several publications in philosophy, theology and social sciences. He lives with his family in Ottawa.

Photo of Janice Martin

Janice Martin graduated with her teaching degree from the University of Ottawa in 2010. She spent 5 years teaching English in Japan before coming back to Canada in 2018. She joined the LLT team in November 2018 as an English teacher. Janice’s approach to teaching is very collaborative. She believes that learners should be involved in the process and that lessons should be tailored to their needs. According to Janice, a teacher's role is to provide the necessary tools for the success of their learners. Since her time with LLT, Janice has been highly appraised by her learners for her devotion and her dynamic teaching methods.

Photo of Sarah Plourde

Sarah Plourde has a degree in business administration. In 2011, she joins the CommeUnique team as a trainer and passionate speaker in human relations where she has hosted more than 500 events. Now she could not live without the contagious energy of teaching. Since 2016, she has also been wearing a new professional hat: teaching French as a second language. "In partnership with LLT, I assist federal public servants to understand, speak and write the language of Molière and adequately prepare them for second language evaluations in the Public Service of Canada. This individual support combines my ability to adapt according to each person's level with my ability to demystify the workings of the French language. A beautiful challenge that I embrace!”

Photo of Sylvie Houle

Sylvie Houle holds training in literature and teaching from the University of Ottawa and in television production from Collège La Cité. She has taught French as a first and second language, as well as media arts, theatre and communications technology in high school. She has also written educational materials for the Ontario Ministry of Education and offered workshops for teachers in the field of digital learning in several provinces. Passionate about pedagogy, she now devotes herself to adult education and is very comfortable with distance learning applications.

Photo of Tierry Morel-Laforce

Tierry Morel-Laforce has been offering French as a Second Language training since 2012. A passionate in writing, an experienced speaker and master of grammar, he combines his various talents to offer personalized training adapted to his learners. He has developed these skills by working with non-profit organizations as well as various language training schools while pursuing graduate studies in bioethics. A true Jack of all trades when it comes to adult learning, he can easily target a learner's objectives and help him achieve them.

Photo of Stéphane Rainville

Stéphane Rainville is the proud founder and Director of Operations at Local Language Training. He has more than 15 years of experience in second languages program management, adult education, language evaluation and professional training. He has also worked in official languages program management in the public service. Stéphane strives to create an environment where teachers can flourish in their field. "My recipe is simple: let's take care of our people and they will take care of us! This applies to both our clients and teachers.” With the online platform, his objective is to meet the training needs of learners nationally and internationally.

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